Brilliant Butterflies Project

What is the Brilliiant Butterflies Project?

The Butterfly Conservation Organisation have, in 202, constructed many 'scrapes' in Croydon to introduce new wildflower/butterfly habitat in our greenspaces. We to hope improve the butterfly presence in Littleheath Woods by creating a special habitat area.

How can I find out more information?

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Where in Littleheath Woods?

The project is located in Fallen Oak Field as shown in the location plan below.                                                    It comprises a "scrapeā€¯ which is the most cost-effective strategy whereby 150mm topsoil is removed for seeding/planting into low nutrient subsoil. This prevents the grass from dominating. The scrape is approx. 16x10m and totals 150sqm.                                                                                                                                   A small digger was used to strip off the topsoil and create a bank to one side of the scrape. The subsequent seeding/planting will provide a wide variety of nectar sources and larval food plants to support butterflies and other pollenating insects. The wildflowers may take a few years to establish and only need cutting once grass gets abundant with cuttings raked off. It will be possible for the tractor to mow the scrape in the same way as surrounding grassland once this is required. In the meantime, in order to avoid unnecessary cutting and disturbance, we will initially fence around the scrape.                                                                                   Brilliant Butterflies provided a number of plants but also let us have seeds that members of our group have grown on and subsequently planted. Kidney Vetch and Field Scabious are amongst the seedlings.                    The project is approved by Croydon Council, as there was no cost to the Council involved. The main work took place at theend of March with planting in subsequent weeks, as and when weather conditions allowed.

Location Plan