Buzzard Vs Sparrowhawks.

The Friends were working in Fallen Oak Field at the start of September 2018 reducing back the bramble and soft growth around the edges of the field to recover the grassland and allow the Council contractors to adequately cut the grass around the field edge when noises overhead caused a pause in the work: a Buzzard was being attacked or harried by a trio of Sparrowhawks. The buzzard, although the bigger bird, was eventually overwhelmed by the relentless attack by the sparrowharks and fled the scene. The sparrowhawks also left the vicinity soon after. No further Tuesday sightings as at mid September, but we continue to keep our ears alert to more thrilling displays and aerial manoeuvres by these kings of the sky.

Ward Boundary Changes and Local Policing

The recent changes to Ward boundaries has affected Littleheath Woods: We now sit within the Ward of Selsdon and Addington Village. Our local Councillors are Cllr Helen Pollard ( and Cllr Robert Ward (
Our new Local Policing Team details can be found here:
You can contact the team on 020 8721 2464 or email them at

TCV Ponds Project

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)  ( ) has launched a project to champion the 30+ ponds in public places within the London Borough of Croydon.

This will involve working with local people, communities and Friends groups to investigate the origins & history of these often overlooked sites and also to promote biodiversity through habitat management.

Volunteers will receive training and investigate museum archives,old newpapers, local knowledge and historical maps to find out about our ponds’ varied origins.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please contact:

As part of the project, our Keyhole Pond has received some TLC from a TCV workparty when their vounteers  improved this valuable insect, amphibian & wetland plant resource by clearing overhanging vegetation and gentle excavation of the clay bed.

Timber Piles and Logs for Woodburners

The Friends of Littleheath Woods construct Habitat Piles using sawn and fallen trees to build homes for insects and other wildlife. Please do not disturb the piles of logs or take timber away from the woods for your wood burner.

Bagged seasoned logs for your woodburning stove can be obtained from The Friends in return for a small donation to assist us to carry on with our work, purchase tools and equipment and plants. Contact details can be found at 'Contact Us'.

The Charter for Parks

A number of organisations, including The Parks Agency · Fields In Trust · Llais y Goedwig · Unison · The Gardens Trust · The Parks Alliance · Greenspace Scotland · Friends of the Earth · Keep Britain Tidy · The Conservation Volunteers · National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, have come together to agree and publish an aspirational Charter for Parks. Details can be found here - 

The introduction to their website says it all:

"Our local parks and public green spaces are vital for everyone and every community - and for all age groups and interests. They are an essential and unique service promoting relaxation, recreation and play, wildlife and bio-diversity, attractive walking and cycling routes, green jobs and skills, heritage, flood control, health and social well-being, and community cohesion.

However, there is growing alarm from the public, from Friends of Parks groups, parks managers, experts and politicians, about the serious long-term damage being caused by devastating cuts to green space budgets for staff and maintenance, and the lack of funding and investment by local and national government. If not reversed, this neglect will cause them to go into serious decline and become problem spaces abandoned by park users and plagued by vandalism - or even being closed and sold off. We must not let this happen."

The Charter for Parks
• Celebrate the central role well-run parks play in our
neighbourhoods for all sections of our communities
• Recognise the right of every citizen to have access within
walking distance to a good quality public green space
• Endorse a legal duty for all public green space to be
managed to a good standard
• Embed effective protection from inappropriate
development or use, or loss of any part of our parks
• Ensure adequate long-term resources for ongoing
maintenance, management and improvements
• Encourage and enable community involvement and
empowerment of local people and park users"

The Friends of Littleheath Woods are proud to have signed up to the Parks Charter

Croydon Council Review of Parks

Croydon Council have produced a 'masterplan' for 6 parks within the borough. Under the banner of 'Ambitious For Croydon' the masterplans have established a vision for the future development of the spaces and identified potential sources of funding for the plans. Details can be found at the Council website:

Horses in Littleheath Woods

Horse riding is permitted in the woods - there is one bridleway and one permissive bridleway. Unfortunately we have had a number of reports and seen evidence of riders using other areas of the woods.

Not all areas of the woods are suitable for horse riding. Horses can cause damage to habitats and churn up pathways, making them unusable in wet weather. Many of the non-bridalway paths also have hazards, such as badger sets and overhanging branches, that make them dangerous for both horse and rider. Many dog walkers also let their dogs off the lead in areas away from the bridleways and we want to avoid incidents that could be bad for the dog or horse.

We would therefore like to remind horse riders that they have to stick to the bridleways when using the woods. If anyone sees a horse being riden in other areas of the woods, please contact the Friends group with a description of the horse & rider (e.g. colour of horse, gender & approx age of rider, colour of riders’ clothing, etc.) so that we can bring this to the attention of the local stables and hopefully prevent any further incidents.

The latest minutes of meetings can be found in the documents below:

FOLW Minutes February 2019.docx FOLW Minutes February 2019.docx
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FOLW_AGM_Minutes May 2018 V1.pdf FOLW_AGM_Minutes May 2018 V1.pdf
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